Friday, September 13, 2013

The Bears of Henlock Mountain by Alice Dalgliesh

A young boy with a big family.  His mom had to make a lot of cookies, but she did not have enough cookie mix, so she made stew.  Johnny had to go get the pot, but when he got there, there were bears.  His dad came and brought him home.

Piper K. give it * * * * stars and recommends it to others.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Millions of Cats - comments by Ashlyn B.

It is about this family who wanted a cat.  The family went to the place where there were millions of cats.  The family found so many cats to choose from - any type.  So they took one but then found another one and ended up with millions of cats.

3 stars

Show Way - comments by Ashlyn B.

Show Way is about a girl who gets sold and then grows up and has a family. Then her daughter gets sold and has a life and a family.  Then her family gets sold and killed.  They make quilts which are showing the way out of slavery.

2 stars

Sarah, Plain and Tall - comments by Brooke M.

Sarah lost her mom but her and her papa sing songs because that is what her mom loved to do.  But her dad is very lonely so he put out a sign that he needs a wife.  He got a response and her name was Sarah, that was plain and tall.

4 stars

Whipping Boy - comments by Paige H.

The book is about a prince who was a trouble maker but instead of the prince getting a spanking he has a whipping boy who gets whipped.  One day the prince runs away with the whipping boy.  While they are traveling two robbers grab them.  They end up escaping and going back to the castle.  But they go back different.  They are friends.

4 stars

Hatchet - comments by Bennett F.

Brian is a 13 year old boy who was flying out to Canada to visit his dad.  Out over the woods, his plane crashes and he needs to survive until help comes.  So he puts in gut instinct and common sense to keep him alive.

4 stars

A Wrikle in Time - comments by Bennett F.

When a girl's father goes missing, she brings a friend and her brother through different worlds searching for him.  They also befriend 3 creatures that guide them.  However, when her brother is possessed by IT, she and her friend must save him, too.

4 stars